Training Courses

Over the past 19 years The Open Door has intentionally focused their attention on the equipping and training of ordinary men and women to be involved in counselling, support awareness campaigns to address serious social issues of crimes. against our women and children. Over 5000 men and women have been trained as lay counselors preparing them to impact their communities on HIV/AIDS, child abuse, rape, domestic violence and human trafficking.

The Open Door has developed training materials and resources that are used to educate the wider community with a special focus on rural areas where development, social and health services are vastly inadequate. In 2014/15 in excess of 6000 learners viewed our training DVD on human trafficking alone.

Training Courses & Programmes

The Open Door Crisis Care Centre realises that it cannot rely solely on Donors for support and actively promotes and offers it’s service’s to Corporates and the Public to generate income.

Lay Counselling Course Content

Three lay counseling courses are run each year at a cost of R2500 per student. The program runs over eight weeks covering – Theory, Practical Skills, Personal Development, and Methodology.

Purpose of the course is to equip lay counselors to meet their social needs within the community.

B Psych interns also attend the course to back up their theory

Application forms

These may be obtained from The Open Door Crisis Care Centre, 7 Windsor Road, Pinetown
or email to / telephone 031 7092679


Worldview, counseling skills, counseling tools, ethical considerations, listening, reflecting, paraphrasing, different types of counseling and body language

Practical Skills
  • Rape, definition and reporting procedure
  • Domestic violence, domestic violence Act, reporting procedure
  • Child abuse/incest, definition reporting procedure
  • Trauma and crisis management
Personal Development

Collage, forgiveness journey, relationships

  • Individual, couples, group work
  • Roleplay
  • Video and PowerPoint presentation
  • Homework
  • A multi-choice exam will be written at the end of the course
  • A certificate is issued on graduation
  • Lunch will not be supplied.
  • Refreshments supplied by The Open Door.

Protective Behaviours Level 1

Child Protection is everyone’s business. Protective Behaviour is a program of safety and empowerment for all people, teaching strategies that children can use to keep them safe.

The workshop runs over 2 days. Professionals who complete the Level 1 training will be equipped to deliver Protective Behaviours to communities in which they work.

Teenagers Guide to Keeping Safe

This course is for adults who live and work with upper primary children and teenagers and have completed Protective behaviours Level 1 Training.

This program teaches skills and strategies to prevent and/or reduce abuse and violence in the community, particularly sexual violence.

Contact 031 709 2679 or email

Employers Support Programme

10-25% of staff, both employers and employees, at any one given time, are troubled at work due to concerns as to how to deal with family, relationships, stress, anger, domestic violence, loss, grief and bereavement, drug and alcohol or gambling addictions.

These factors affect the health of companies through increased absenteeism, low morale, workplace conflicts, personal and family-related problems.  The results can be a decrease in individual work performance and overall productivity loss.

Based on extensive research, it was found that companies that implement programmes dealing with these issues realise a significant return on investment through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

The Purpose is:
  • To promote the well being of the company through its employees, thus promoting greater productivity and efficiency and improved quality of life.
  • To develop team-driven partnerships between The Open Door, the company and its employees.
  • To offer a cutting-edge response to both current and future societal and personal needs of both the company and its employees.
  • To provide a holistic service to the company and its employees, regardless of race, religion, culture or creed, in a language of their choice.
  • To serve as an advice desk and referral centre.
  • To provide information and resources to the company and its employees relating to relevant topics
  • To hold talks, discussions and workshops on relevant topics

The Open Door will design a program specifically for your needs.

Contact 031 709 2679 or email

Hiv/Aids Counselor’s Course Content


For more information contact Thora

Contact 031 709 2679 or email


Self-Awareness, Attitude, World View, Origins of HIV/AIDS, Socio-Economic Impact, Wellness Wheel, HIV Basic Science, Basic on ARVs, Basic on side effects, Adherence Counseling, Legal & Ethical Issues, Pre HIV – Test Counseling, HIV Testing Demo-Post-HIV-Test Counseling, Listening Skills, Probing & Paraphrasing.

Practical Skills

Sharing of experiences, attending to a client

Personal Development

Counseling and interpersonal relationship skills


Individual, couples, group casework
Video –  “In your face”
Presentation   –   HIV/AIDS

  • An exam will be written at the end of the course
  • A certificate is issued on graduation