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Counselling, Social and Support Services

Counselling is offered to men, women, and children who are experiencing individual, family, work or school-related problems, loss, grief and bereavement, drug and alcohol abuse, behavioural and domestic-related problems. Counselling is offered by permanent professional staff, lay counsellors, intern psychologists, social workers and educationalists.

The purpose of counselling is to bring clients to a place of healing and restoration for them to be socially integrated and well-adjusted mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to meet the many challenges facing our society today.


Play therapy for traumatized, vulnerable and orphaned children

Play therapy is a form of counselling directed at children using sand, clay, puppetry, storytelling, art and play with the purpose of bringing to a place of healing and restoration victims of incest, abuse, loss, grief and bereavement, rape, dysfunctional family life due to divorce and separation.

We have a counselling room dedicated for this purpose and specially trained counsellors who through play therapy help restore inner emotional healing in the child.

Victims Empowerment programme

Provides information to victims of all forms of trauma, suicide, accidents, sudden death, and in particular issues relating to women and children such as rape, incest, and child abuse.

The Open Door Crisis Care Centre victim empowerment team has been specially trained in trauma and crisis assistance, visiting the scene of the incident, accompanying the victim and his/her family to the district surgeon or local clinic.  The client is thereafter supported through ongoing counselling, social services, and support through The Open Door Crisis Care Centre.


The Open Door has satellite offices in Hammersdale and Kwa Nyuswa, providing counselling, psychosocial services, and support as well as addressing the many social problems experienced by the children.

Regular awareness programmes and educational talks are given to the communities and in schools on human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, teenage pregnancy and drugs, bullying and teen pregnancy.

All the above services are generally offered free to our community members and those in crisis however we ask for a small donation to help cover our costs.

Contact 031 709 2679 or email info@opendoor.co.za

Employers Support Programme

10-25% of staff, both employers and employees, at any one given time, are troubled at work due to concerns as to how to deal with family, relationships, stress, anger, domestic violence, loss, grief and bereavement, drug and alcohol or gambling addictions.

These factors affect the health of companies through increased absenteeism, low morale, workplace conflicts, personal and family-related problems.  The results can be a decrease in individual work performance and overall productivity loss. 

Based on extensive research, it was found that companies that implement programmes dealing with these issues realise a significant return on investment through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

The Purpose is:

  • To promote the well being of the company through its employees, thus promoting greater productivity and efficiency and improved quality of life.
  • To develop team-driven partnerships between The Open Door, the company and its employees.
  • To offer a cutting-edge response to both current and future societal and personal needs of both the company and its employees.
  • To provide a holistic service to the company and its employees, regardless of race, religion, culture or creed, in a language of their choice.
  • To serve as an advice desk and referral centre.
  • To provide information and resources to the company and its employees relating to relevant topics
  • To hold talks, discussions and workshops on relevant topics

Contact 031 709 2679 or email info@opendoor.co.za

Schools Support Programme

A Schools support programme has been set up to offer counselling, social services and support to learners who may be experiencing extra trauma or facing a crisis within the home or community environment due to loss, grief and bereavement, dysfunctional family circumstances including divorce and separation.

To address issues of any form of abuse or violence and address out any other issues that are of concern to the principal, parent, teacher and/or any other significant role player.

These are 10-month contracts – terms of which are agreed between the school and The Open Door and run from February to November, including July and other holidays.

Invite us as a Guest Speaker

Help us to create awareness within your community about the various social ills affecting the safety of our society such as Human Trafficking; Domestic Violence; Child Abuse; Pornography and more… by inviting The Open Door Crisis Care Centre to speak at your meetings or events.

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