Motivation for sponsorship

The Open Door works tirelessly to bring healing and restoration to individuals and families, restoring broken lives – mentally, physically, spiritually and psychologically.

South Africa is sadly the rape capital of the world, resulting in one woman being raped every 23 seconds and one woman murdered every six days in a domestic violence incident. Working in an area of such need requires high levels of commitment and dedication.

The Open Door works with 23 staff members and a team of 20 volunteers, including interns, social workers, education and trauma counsellors.

Each of these team players plays a vital role in working towards breaking the cycle of violence in our nation.

Our work is of vital importance to ensure healthy and informed families and communities. The continued success of changed lives and addressing these social crimes relies heavily on financial support. May we look to you to join us and be part of the fight to reduce the high incidence of crimes in our country. With your support, we can reach many more victims helping them to take back control of their lives.

Please get in touch with me should you wish to finance us through your Social Corporate Investment, once-off donations or on a monthly support basis. We need your support – thank you

Thora Mansfield – Director

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