What do we do?


What do we do at the Open Door Crisis Centre?

Issues of domestic violence and child abuse need no clarification, however these diabolical acts against humanity leave lives broken, psychologically damaged and with feelings of total hopelessness that frequently lead to suicide.

The Open Door lobbies for advocacy and prevention of secondary abuse on a daily basis, challenging anti human rights against women and children. The Open Door is a one-stop trauma and crisis centre that focuses their attention on the social issues in our society, offering counselling, social support, training and health services. The Open Door offers counselling, social support, training and primary health services. Victims of all forms of abuse are accommodated in our registered shelter situated in a quiet suburb with an undisclosed address to ensure the safety of our clients who are frequently at risk from perpetrators.

Areas of Focus 

Human Trafficking: The Open Door is committed to the processes of 1) prevention - which involves creating awareness, 2) protection of victims in our shelter, 3) prosecution – through the preparation of equipping victims to become effective witnesses in court and 4) working in partnership with government agencies and recognized NGO’s to lobby for better service provision by state departments and the South African Police Services including prevention of secondary traumatization of victims through poor and insensitive treatment.

Vulnerable Children

Children living in poor or rural communities are vulnerable to exploitation and sexual abuse, born into an environment where poverty and social issues interact resulting in hopelessness, which is often acted out in crimes of violence. These are the children that The Open Door supports, providing not only social services but also addressing the serious problems of drugs and unwanted teen pregnancy.