LAY COUNSELLORS COURSE LAY COUNSELLORS COURSE CONTENT Theory Worldview, counselling skills, counselling tools, ethical considerations, listening, reflecting, paraphrasing, different types of counselling and body language Practical skills Rape, definition and reporting procedure Domestic violence, domestic violence Act, reporting procedure Child abuse/incest, … Continue reading

LAY COUNSELLOR’S COURSE – STARTING 4th June 2016 Our lay counsellors course starting 4th June to 23rd July 2016 Its every consecutive Saturday for 8 weeks  including multi choice exam and graduation where you will receive a certificate. There are … Continue reading

2016 Training at the Open Door Crisis Care Centre Home based care and HIV/AIDS courses as well as the first course for lay counselling Lay Counselling starting 30th January 2016  to 19th March 2016 Home Based Care 1st Course 15th … Continue reading